Kennard Joins Institute’s Peace Movement

BOSTON Kennard Design has been tapped for Web site design by the Institute for Peace & Justice at the University of San Diego.

Dr. Joyce Neu, formerly with the Carter Center and an expert in conflict resolution, leads the institute. The client is dedicated to building a better world through education, research and outreach.

The goal for the independent shop in Boston is to have the group’s site operational by September. Online information will target students seeking careers in conflict resolution and/or human rights, people in metro San Diego who are interested in attending IPJ events, and potential donors and volunteers, said agency representative Mary Ferrise.

The assignment is important to Kennard because it represents the small shop’s first client outside of New England, underscores its educational specialty (it has worked for Harvard, Brandeis and Curry College) and constitutes its most complex Web project to date, Ferrise said.