This summer, NextJet began test marketing its first advertising campaign in Houston and Dallas with the tagline, “The fastest package delivery system in the world.”
The Dallas-based startup plans to outdo other carriers by offering same-day national door-to-door package delivery. NextJet has ambitiously assembled a network of 250 courier services to this end, combined with shipping agreements with 10 of the nation’s largest airlines.
“The campaign is positioning us as a solution service for business and individuals,” said NextJet vice president of marketing and planning Brent Hudspeth.
A 30-second television commercial, produced by Tractorbeam in Dallas, shows a businessman receiving crucial documents prior to a meeting and a fashion designer getting fabric with which to complete a design.
Radio and billboard are also part of the campaign.
“We would like to get where we see NextJet becoming a universal term,” said Hudspeth.
“Like FedEx became synonymous for overnight package delivery, I want NextJet to be that for same-day delivery.”