Katsin/Loeb in Position of Power

Keeps TID’s Deregulation Message Offbeat
SAN FRANCISCO–Katsin/Loeb has created a new 30-second TV spot, breaking this week throughout California’s central valley, for the Turlock Irrigation District. The campaign, including upcoming print ads, is supported by a budget of approximately $1 million.
The work takes a darkly humorous approach, similar to last year’s effort, to raise public awareness about the benefits and hazards of utility deregulation in California. It features “Uncle Willard,” an eccentric old man who is clearly fed up with power failures on the West Coast. The walls of his dark basement are plastered with newspaper clippings about major power outages, including the Dec. 8 mishap in San Francisco.
Willard attempts to build his own power plant in his basement as his young nephew pleads, “Please tell me I’m adopted.”
A voiceover follows: “When your energy company is reliable, you don’t need to build a power plant.”
“While most California utility providers are sponsoring timid campaigns or have stopped advertising altogether, we’re working with TID to maintain an effective presence through adventurous, offbeat work,” said Jef Loeb, creative director and copywriter at the San Francisco shop.