Kaplan Thaler Unveils TV Spot

The Kaplan Thaler Group will launch Clairol’s new hair care line, Daily Defense, with a 30-second TV spot tonight on CBS’ Cybill.
The spot opens with a bevy of stylists at a commercial shoot fawning over the shiny tresses of a blonde model, played by Kimberly Driscoll, the wife of comedian Joe Piscopo.
That scene is intercut with images of a more down-to-earth brunette as she extols the benefits of Daily Defense, which include protection against everything from pollution to damage from perms.
The spot, part of a $30-40 million launch by Bristol-Myers Squibb, is tagged, “Hair care for the real world.”
“We’re poking fun at what goes on behind the scenes at many [shampoo] commercials,” said agency chief executive Linda Kaplan Thaler. She added that research showed many women are tired of seeing “unrealistic” females in ads.
Daily Defense will compete against such brands as Suave, Vidal Sassoon and Pantene, the shampoo category leader for the 52-week period ending Oct. 26, according to Information Resources.
The spot is one of the first ads from the fledgling shop, started in September by Kaplan Thaler, the former executive creative director at Wells BDDP, where she had previously shepherded the Clairol business.