Kamerick Joins Bcom3 as CFO

As Bcom3’s new chief financial officer, Eileen Kamerick said a big part of her job will be to help the private company understand the intricacies of the public realm.

Officials from the Chicago-based holding company continue to stand by their original plans that the company will eventually go public when market conditions improve.

“They are looking for direction to be prepared for that scrutiny,” Kamerick said. “The idea was this [new position] would provide key links for people to understand where to go and how to get there.”

Because of its size, Bcom3, formed last year through the merger of the Leo Group and the MacManus Group, has begun reporting its finances to the SEC. As such, the company needed to create a CFO position to facilitate those filings, she said.

Kamerick joined Bcom3 from United Stationers, where she was CFO. Prior to that, she was CFO of BP. She said those tenures give her a “depth of experience” to prepare for any financial questions.

“Eileen Kamerick’s experience in financial reporting and management, mergers and acquisitions and strategic planning will be invaluable to Bcom3,” said holding company CEO Roger Haupt in a statement. “Her diverse background with public companies will be helpful to our efforts to grow our operations and to become a more effective organization.”

In the near term, Kamerick will focus on streamlining the reporting systems and methodologies of Bcom3’s companies, such as Leo Burnett, D’Arcy and Starcom MediaVest Group, she said. Further on, she will help those companies “coordinate and optimize their brands and strategies,” including mergers and acquisitions.