Kalis & Savage Fights The Good Fight For eToys

Online Retailer’s First TV Spot Includes a Nod to Classic War Films
LOS ANGELES–Kalis & Savage Advertising explores the war zone that is the toy store in its first campaign for online retailer eToys. Campaign billings are estimated at $7-10 million, according to sources.
A TV spot, titled “Toys of the Valkyries,” breaks today in 30- and 60-second executions. In its opening scene, a mom puts on camouflage makeup as she drives her kids to the toy store. Once inside, Wagner’s “Ride of the Valkyries” begins to play as the mom, in full battle gear, dodges super soaker attacks, watches fellow parents wrestle over toys and swings above the shelves to grab a particular item.
The scene shifts to show a mom at home on her computer, peacefully toy shopping on eToys.com. “Shopping for toys shouldn’t be a battle,” informs the voiceover. The eToys Web site address appears, along with the tagline: “We bring the toy store to you.”
The battle scene was inspired by several classic war movies, according to Murray Kalis, agency creative director and chairman. At one point, a shopping cart with a stuffed animal inside comes crashing down a ramp, reminiscent of the famous scene in the 1920s film Potemkin. The spot’s close plays off a line from Apocalypse Now, as the war-weary mom says, “I love the smell of Play-Doh in the morning.”
Kalis said the agency listened to women in focus groups who “talked about battling their way through toy shopping, with unruly kids and fistfights over toys.”
The spot, airing nationally on cable and in spot markets on network TV, is supported by full-page print ads in consumer magazines and newspapers.
The Pacific Palisades, Calif., shop won the eToys business in April.