JWT Makes Kraft Cheesier

NEW YORK To promote a new chip variety and shape of Kraft Foods’ Cheese Nips, JWT created a TV spot emphasizing the snack’s additional cheesiness.

The New York shop’s 30-second ad, “Office,” shows a talkative office worker engaging a colleague. Just as he starts to tell a story about getting his gallbladder out, he sits on a package of the chips, which explodes, filling the office with cheese. Tagline: “When you love Nips, it shows.”

“The focus was abundance of cheese . . . That was the story,” said creative director Jon Krevolin.

Directed by Rocky Morton of MJZ, the playful tone of the spot was inspired by the new product itself: the creative team handed out bags of the new Cheese Nip Chips to co-workers to see what they thought about them.

“These guys were sitting around the office, looking down at their papers and seeing orange fingerprints,” recalled executive creative director Eric Steinhauser. “That was the inspiration. Instead of trying to dust them off, we decided, ‘This product is this cheesy. Let’s take this story and have some fun with it.’ “

The ad broke earlier this month on national broadcast stations.