JWT Discovers ‘The Point’ for Amusement Park

By Tanya Gazdik

DETROIT–J. Walter Thompson introduces a new hairstyle called ‘The Sandusky’ in its first work for amusement park Cedar Point.

JWT won the Sandusky, Ohio, park’s $5 million account in January after a review that included incumbent Meldrum & Fewsmith Communications in Cleveland, which had handled the amusement park’s business for eight years.

The campaign, which focuses on the park as a whole instead of on individual rides as in the past, includes a new themeline: ‘What’s life if you never get to the Point?’ Two television spots broke last week, with two more spots to be added in June. Radio and print ads fill out the campaign.

The spots will run in Detroit, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton and Akron, Ohio. The campaign will also be tested in Chicago and Canada, which are being evaluated as targets, said John Hildebrandt, vice president for marketing at Cedar Point.

The humorous campaign features a look at what happens to people after a day at Cedar Point. Riding the park’s dozen roller coasters creates a new look that ads call ‘The Sandusky,’ a wild hairdo akin to that of sports promoter Don King.

‘During the new business pitch, we presented four different campaigns, and that was one of them,’ said Daniel Cerullo, creative director on the account.

‘What we liked about (this campaign) is that it was a quick, fast read that demonstrated fun. (The hairdo) was the badge that you came back with, like a suntan is when you go on vacation someplace warm,’ said Cerullo.

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