Just Like Manual Labor: USS Madison’s Ideal Client?

Bounty Paper Towels.
The president and creative director of Lone Wolf Advertising in Woodbridge, Conn., Madison is also a novelist. Some of his eight books have been written on cement bags, but his latest work in progress, a manuscript about novelist Norman Mailer tentatively titled City in the Sky, is written entirely on paper towels.
Madison recently took his towel rolls to Provincetown, Mass., where he worked for a month at the Fine Arts Work Center on a fellowship from California’s Lannan Foundation.
“I was a laborer for lots of years, and this is simply like manual labor,” Madison explained. “It looks like an assembly line, and it just works for me.”
During his stay in Provincetown, Madison wrote 600 feet in 30 days and met Mailer. “He seems to like [the book] so far,” Madison said. “I’ve never thoroughly interviewed him, but he’s nuts himself, so it fits right in.”
–Sarah Jones