Just Asking

Full-length plastic dry-cleaning bags. An ideal spot for clothing brands to remind consumers that it’s time for a wardrobe enhancement: “Wouldn’t you rather be wearing this Armani suit?” —Kris Washington, founding partner, Psynchronous Communications, Woburn, Mass.

Babies. Sucking thumb or crawling toward an open air duct, babies consistently deliver an engaged, passionate audience. Once we get over the whole “that’s-not-a-billboard-that’s-my-kid” hang-up, babies could be the most effective medium ever. —Kevin Lynch, partner, copywriter, Zig, Chicago

Topiaries. They’re a huge opportunity, given the green machine we’re seeing sweep through the country. —Dean Crutchfield, svp, marketing, Wolff Olins, New York

I think they’ve got everything covered, unless they start putting ads on the Christmas ornaments at the malls. —Leslie Ferraro, svp, global marketing, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, Burbank, Calif.

Customer collaboration. It’s not new, but not done enough. How do you get customers involved in shaping your brand? That’s the question. Escalator railings may be effective, but it’s a passive means. The best way to activate your message is with people who are passionate about your brand. —Justin Cooper, chief innovation and marketing officer, Passenger, Los Angeles

Branded TiVo channels. I would watch the Nike channel. And the Apple channel. It’s what [Anheuser-Busch] should have done instead of Bud.tv. —Bruce Winterton, president, The Barbarian Group, Boston

Logo-shaped urinal cakes. A great demographically targeted idea that would be hard to miss (and yes, pun intended.) —Chad Caufield, managing director, MMB, Boston