Just Asking

‘Create and define a marketing-related catchword or phrase, e.g., incentivize.’

“Youthify” [is] the act of making a brand appeal to a younger demographic. —Mike Byrne, CCO, Anomaly, New York

“Reach-around marketing”: An overt, courteous gesture made by a marketer designed to distract from the fact that they are in the midst of violating you. —Andrew Deitchman, strategist, partner, Mother, New York

“Contentualization”: The desperate attempt to justify an agency retainer by throwing anything with the client’s brand name on it into a video, posting it on YouTube and selling it to said client as a viral campaign. —Cal McAllister, cd, Wexley School for Girls, Seattle

“WoW” or “word of Web” to replace WoM or word of mouth, reflecting the power of social networking and the pass-along influence of people “talking” on the Web. —Chris Colbert, CEO, Holland Mark, Boston

A text message ad or a mobile ad is a “tad.” —Chet Fenster, managing partner, director, content creation, MEC Entertainment, Los Angeles, New York

“Funditure” [is] an expenditure of funds. —Bill Field, president, Mintz & Hoke, Avon, Conn.

“Procurize.” It’s making the fee proposal acceptable to both procurement and marketing executives. —Cleve Langton, worldwide director, business development, DDB, New York

“Fiftyten” [is] a term describing those age-defying baby boomers who refuse to turn 60. —Steve Lanzano, COO, MPG, New York

[A] “media wiccan” believes the ideal balance of push and pull media is best determined by use of entrails. —Dan Barron, partner, Conroy Barron, New York

“Anonymize” or make anonymous. You anonymize information. You can anonymize individuals, too. —Gunnar Wilmot, CEO, Gotham, New York