Just Asking

We asked industry execs to come up with a campaign to comemmorate Barry Bonds’ (imminent) breaking of Hank Aaron’s all-time record for home runs.

It would just be a big, smiling picture of Barry Bonds on a billboard and the quote, “Yankees suck.” —Court Crandall, creative partner (and Boston Red Sox fan), Ground Zero, Marina del Rey, Calif.

America needs bad guys, too. I’d play that up, with something like: “He’s the home-run king you love to hate!” —Jim O’Brien, vp, acd, Mullen, Wenham, Mass.

It would an HGH-fueled, ESPN-inspired juggernaut, compressing all 750+ home runs into a 30-second highlight video. Tagline: “The juice is loose.” After it ran, I would probably have a big head. —Bob Hoffman, president, CCO, Gearon Hoffman, Boston

As one who grew up in Atlanta idolizing Hank Aaron, I would implement a media agnostic, tactical, integrated, 360-degree, completely repurpose-able campaign, all tied into Hamburger Helper. Why? Because it’s fake, it enhances something that’s real, and no one has any respect for it. —Daniel Russ, ecd, R&R Partners, Las Vegas

Make no excuses. Play it straight. Salute the man for his achievement: “Barry Bonds. The greatest slugger of all time.” But I’d leave a lot of room for legal copy. —Grant Pace, ecd, Conover Tuttle Pace, Boston

The Sultan of Swat, Hammerin’ Hank, the Juice Machine. Congrats Barry on becoming the all-time supplements king. Barry Bonds, the official asterisk king. . . . Your road to 756 was paved with dedication, determination and a few stops at Balco. —Rich Tlapek, cd, GSD&M, Austin, Texas

What’s the point? It’s the house that Ruth built and Mickey dismantled, and it has been going down ever since. —Gad Romann, principal, The Romann Group, Southport, Conn.