Just Asking

I would have watched, just to see who would be crazy enough to advertise. It would be a great media buy for Isotoner, come to think of it.

No, I wouldn’t have tuned in. I’m holding out for the Kevin Federline self-immolation on Fox, which is where I suppose it would be broadcast. —Bill Grogan, president, Berlin Cameron United, New York

I wouldn’t have watched it. Why reward that kind of sensationalism with your vote in the form of ratings? I wouldn’t have tuned in, but I’m sure the ratings would have been phenomenal. It’s like a train wreck—you want to turn away, but you just can’t help yourself. Fox now realizes there is a limit to what is an acceptable ratings stunt. They heard it loud and clear from advertisers, their own on-air talent, the affiliates and the American public. . . . Lesson learned? Let’s hope so. Isn’t it already on YouTube? . . . Every piece of compelling content seems to make its way there, intended or not. Absolutely not. I would not have bought the book either. He could not be tried again, and I do believe he did it. How dare he try to continue to capitalize on it. No. Not really interested. I find it distasteful and kind of old news.

I wouldn’t go near it. . . . On the other hand, we live in a world where—unfortunately—shock sells, and this is shocking. So people very likely wouldn’t have been able to stop themselves from tuning in. —