Just Asking

What will make the young talent want to work in advertising again? How can we make the business seem revolutionary? —

A great topic would be agency networks for the new creative revolution. As new creative shops, like us, that challenge traditional agency structures continue to spring up, it makes sense to explore the possibilities of a new kind of network aimed at our different needs. … Struggling with running a shop and finding a financially sustainable stride when you are wrestling with creative ideals is difficult. Having a forum to discuss these issues would be very cool. I would like to see if there is a way to incentivize more work for the public good in a way that goes beyond pro-bono PSAs. The largest advertiser in the U.K. is the U.K. government, for hundreds of initiatives on issues such as health, safety or education. In this country, one issue I would target is underage drinking. Is there a little bit of guilt in that I did advertising for Budweiser for eight years and I have a teenager? On the serious side, perhaps ideas for the next iPod campaign. On the lighter side, “Resisting craft-services temptations: maintaining one’s waistline during extensive shoots.” If mass is becoming a thing of the past, how do we create and enliven brands one IP address at a time? Or when will industry trades like Adweek dedicate coverage to online advertising proportionate to the time consumers spend online?