Just Asking

It’s some spot created by an unknown team in Kuala Lumpur that’s going to win, that’s what I hope. I’m sick of seeing the buildup, the predestined spots chosen to win. It’s always finding the diamond in the rough that’s most fun. – Peter Zafp, principal, Flow Creative, Chicago

Without a doubt, Wieden + Kennedy’s film “Grrr” for Honda in the U.K. will do well. It’s benchmark. The viral campaign for UPS where Dale Jarrett secretly races the big brown truck stands out in my mind. It’s really well done. – Franklin Tipton, copywriter, Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Miami

The Honda “Grrr” spot by Wieden + Kennedy’s London office is one that everyone seems to think highly of. There’s some Adidas work by TBWA\Chiat\Day that I think is pretty marvelous. They’re finally giving Nike a run for their money. – Luke Sullivan, svp, group creative director, GSD&M, Austin, Texas

For me, it’s the Honda “Grrr” from the U.K. It hits on all cylinders. It is just beautiful. It’s really smart. It looks different than anything out there. And they figured a way to get a catchy jingle that isn’t cheesy. It’s brand-focused, it’s not a hard sell, they are not trying to sell diesel engines. It’s pretty spectacular. – John Butler, partner, Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners, Sausaliot, Calif.

For my money, it’s the GEICO caveman campaign. They’re the funniest commercials produced since early Monkey-Man fell out of the tree. They’re proof that the only thread you need to build a successful brand over time is to be really, really funny. But chances are Honda will hit big for its work on hybrid technology. The beauty, simplicity and elegance of the executions, along with the timeliness of the message, is an award-winning formula. – Mike Connell, creative principal, Small Army, Boston