Just Asking

A little campaign that really tickled me is from trusty old MTV. It was done in-house. There were three spots: “Foosball,” “Salesmen” and “Nail Artist,” [which states] “If MTV was a nail salon, it would be the best, most articulate nail salon in the city.” They’re great … solid, memorable and well done for a 25-year-old brand.

I like the Michael Vick spot Wieden did for Nike. I thought it was a funny, visceral way to get the point across of what it’s like to be an athlete.

I love the HP campaign. It’s all about the product, and it’s so engaging to watch.

A deceptively simple campaign has managed to brand the iPod deeply into pop culture. It made art out of the benefit of listening to artists, which was an idea that went 360 degrees into the heart of the consumer. Brilliant.Wherever I turn I see something interesting coming from [Target]. It is almost kaleidoscopic—I see a neat print ad and a great billboard, then I go to a store and I’m mesmerized by the merchandise.

Many attempts have been made to make the two-dimensional world of photography multidimensional. HP does it with pure brilliance. It’s the hand on the top of the proverbial baseball bat.