Just Asking

A deserted island off the coast of Bimini [in the Bahamas, where she shot a campaign for fashion client Multiples]. When we went through customs, they took all of our film and all of our clothing and we had to buy it back from them. But it was still a fantastic location because it was so wild and untouched and otherworldly. —Alison Gragnano, cd, Margeotes Fertitta + Partners in New York

I’m partial to London [where he shot a Veryfine ad in the ’90s]. Short flight. Same language. Lots of talent. Good taste in creative. And if you have free time, you can see real theater, a great source of creative inspiration. —Edward Boches, chief creative officer, Mullen in Wenham, Mass.

I like shooting in London. [He shot Nike’s “Streaker” there.] London’s one of those world-class cities—it’s a fun place to work, a fun place to be, a great place to go out. It’s a fun town for all those reasons. —Jonathan Cude, svp, group cd, McKinney & Silver in Raleigh, N.C.

Prague [where he shot Nintendo “Gymnast” last year]. Because it’s Prague. It’s unspeakably beautiful and it’s reasonably inexpensive. —Jonathan Hoffman, group cd, Leo Burnett in Chicago

Iceland [where he shot the Hummer brand campaign in 2002]. Great crews. Tons of talent. Lots of daylight in the summer. Fantastic landscapes, great empty roads to shoot cars on and fun people to hang around with. —Lance Jensen, co-founder, ecd, Modernista in Boston

Sydney. We shot [a campaign for AXA Financial] in multiple locations over eight days. The crew and talent pool were first rate. The sushi and beaches were first rate. And they have a pretty nice opera house, too. —Rob Schapiro, svp, cd, The Martin Agency in Richmond, Va.