Junk Bond

From Scotland with love, an unwieldy hunk of spam.

Edinburgh native Sean Connery is getting flak for sending unsolicited e-mails worldwide asking for donations to the Scottish National Party. Fans visiting his Web site (www.seanconnery.com) have been asked to cough up addresses of friends and family, and computer experts say Mr. Bond is only adding to the vast, swelling sea of unwanted e-mail.

There has been partisan bickering over the issue, Scotland on Sunday reports. A Scottish Tory spokesman said, cryptically, “We’re used to getting mince from the SNP, and now we’re getting spam.” An SNP rep retorted, “Opposition-party jealousy has more to do with the fact that the most famous living Scotsman backs the SNP than any concern over e-mails.”

The SoS editors, at least, had fun with the story. Using e-mail aliases, they had “Miss Moneypenny” visit Connery’s site and post the address of a friend, “Scaramanga” (the villain from The Man With the Golden Gun). Soon enough, “Scaramanga” received a message that began, “I hope it’s OK me writing to you like this. Our mutual friend Miss Money penny was very helpful and told me that you care about Scotland’s future and you might be willing to help.”

John Mozena of the Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email says of Connery: “It’s disappointing to see his judgment is poor.”