Move over red ribbons. At The Presidents’ Summit for America’s Future, launched Sunday in Philadelphia, Presi-dent Bill Clinton, retired general Colin Powell and 244 other guests, including three ex-presidents and Oprah Winfrey, wore little red wagon pins.

The wagon graphic, emblazoned with an IBM logo, will appear in a pro bono print ad created for the youth initiative by Korey Kay & Partners, New York.

The ad announces IBM joining America’s Promise–The Alliance for Youth, the organization introduced at the summit that marries corporations and nonprofit groups to fight poverty.

Expect to see more corporations flaunting wagons. ‘The companies involved will want to tell America via a visual graphic that they support today’s youth,’ said alliance co-communications director Tim Hanlon, an account director at Bozell Worldwide, Minneapolis, currently ‘on loan’ from the agency.

About 30,000 interested people placed calls to a toll-free number in a Korey Kay ad that broke on Oprah last Monday.

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