Jump-Starting The New Year

Some agencies send cookies or candy for the holidays. Others mail ornaments or greenery.
Marx McClellan Thrun in Milwaukee took a different approach to greeting its friends during the holidays.
The shop sent its real and prospective business partners a special symbol of Wisconsin in December: a set of battery jumper cables.
In fact, it was probably the most useful gift many of the agency’s Wisconsin clients could get, accustomed as they are to the sound of grinding starters on below-freezing mornings.
“We don’t expect booster cables to take their place among such time-honored holiday symbols as stars, lights, angels or fruitcakes,” MMT wrote in the card that accompanied the cables.
“Hopefully, you’ll never need them this winter. But if you do, we only ask two things: May they remind you of our creative spark… and don’t let your negative touch your positive.”
–Trevor Jensen