Jump Cuts Among Bagel Lovers

All kinds of people share a love of Sara Lee bagels in Publicis in Mid America’s new campaign for the food maker’s bakery products division.

The Dallas shop’s first effort for the client’s bagels is a 30-second television spot. The ad broke last week on network affiliates and cable outlets in markets across the U.S., including Detroit, Atlanta, Minneapolis and Denver.

Symbolizing Sara Lee’s leap from the freezer section to the fresh bread aisle, Publicis created an ad that literally jumps from one bagel-craving person to another. Each on-screen character finishes the previous individual’s sentence while introducing the company’s variety of flavors and sizes along the way.

“It’s all strung together so you’re not sure where it’s going to go next,” said Ted Barton, president of creative at Publicis. “So here we are offering up something new from Sara Lee that is a fresh-baked good, but all these people reacting to the bagel reinforces their longstanding brand equity.”

“Nobody doesn’t like Sara Lee” is the tagline.

The spot opens with a husband entering a kitchen and asking his wife what’s for breakfast. “I didn’t know Sara Lee made bagels,” he says, setting the stage for a cast of characters that includes cyclists, office workers and firemen discussing their favorite flavors and toppings.

In one scene, a husband observes his wife in bed, biting into a cranberry-orange bagel topped with peanut butter and pickles. When he asks, “Honey, are you … ” the spot jumps to a father holding a mini-bagel, who says to his daughter,” … sure this one’s for me?”

The commercial signals the first major market push for Sara Lee in the bagel category.

Sara Lee Corp., based in Chicago, expanded to include fresh-baked goods after acquiring The Earthgrains Co., a longtime client of Publicis, last summer. Sara Lee consolidated it’s $30 million in advertising at the agency last January.

The TV work, Barton said, will be supported by radio ads and in-store promotions. Commercials featuring other bakery group products are in the planning stages, although no timetable has been set.

Tom Higgins of TV and film production firm Bedford Falls in Los Angeles directed the spot. Marc Mintle, whose previous credits included Publicis’ BMW work, served as art director and Jim Thompson was the copywriter.