jeckyl & Hyde

Amid growing concern that videogames are too violent, ad agency G&M Plumbing has come up with a novel way to pitch THQ’s new game Evil Dead: Hail to the King.

Although the game is said to be a veritable splatter-fest of murder and mayhem, the agency wanted to be sure its 30-second spots would pass with the TV networks. So it created two versions of the ad—one that includes grue some scenes from the game and a second that leaves the blood and guts on the cutting room floor. Both versions feature Bruce Campbell, who stars in the Evil Dead cult film trilogy that gave birth to the game.

“This way we have one version that can run during the day and another that can run at night,” explained Lisa Williams, account services chief at G&M. “The client is aware of the sensitivity of the subject, so we created the two versions for different dayparts.”

Williams stressed that the game, which is rated M for mature, is not intended for youngsters.