Jarrett Agrees to ‘Race the Truck’ for UPS

ATLANTA After four years of a campaign urging Nascar driver Dale Jarrett to “race the truck,” UPS will introduce a new series of TV spots during the Daytona 500 this weekend in which Jarrett agrees to drive the client’s distinctive brown truck in a race.

In the ad, which will be presented in 60- and 30-second versions, Jarrett enters a UPS conference at the company’s Atlanta headquarters and announces that he has reconsidered and will race the truck. A woman outside the room overhears the statement and tells a co-worker, starting a chain reaction that quickly spreads throughout the world. The spot shows UPS workers in China celebrating the decision. At the end of the ad, Jarrett re-enters the room and asks that his decision remain a secret.

Three other ads will be introduced throughout the year depicting Jarrett’s preparations for racing the truck.

UPS is the primary sponsor of Jarrett’s car, which races in the Nextel Cup series of Nascar. The company also is the official delivery company of Nascar.

The Martin Agency, an Interpublic Group shop in Richmond, Va., created the campaign.

“The ‘Race the truck’ campaign lets us showcase the playful side of UPS,” said Patrick Guilbert, vice president of sponsorships and events at the company.