It’s An Agency, Not A Typo

Tired of guiding others through the spelling of Halbleib/Beggs Advertising, the 24-year-old Louisville, Ky., agency has taken a new, equally odd name.
Let’s Welcome Red7e.
“We toyed with several names before settling on Red7e,” said Jim Garry, executive vice president of the $15 million shop. “But everything we considered sounded like a law firm or a garage band.”
For the linear-minded who must have an explanation of everything, Dan Barbercheck, vice president and creative director, said this: “Red is the most dominant hue of the color spectrum, seven is the luckiest of all numbers, and e is the most commonly used letter of the alphabet.”
Barbercheck said the Red7e name has been used informally as an internal code “for who we wanted to be: fresh, unexpected, different, fun and, of course, creative. When we decided to change the name of the agency, the Red7e philosophy seemed the best way to continue to describe ourselves.”
And it’s easier to spell than Halbleib. -Scott Hume