IQ News:New Tool UnClogs Net Traffic Jams

Sandpiper Networks is promising to attack Internet traffic problems with an updated version of its Footprint software being released today. The subscription-based content distribution service adapts to network conditions, keeping Web publishers’ sites accessible and fast during peak demand times.
Footprint utilizes the Westlake Village, Calif.-based company’s proprietary Content Migrator software. When a publisher’s server is overloaded, Migrator tells the Footprint server to take over. An earlier version of the product was used by the Los Angeles Times to handle traffic to Kenneth Starr’s presidential report last November.
The newer 2.0 version offers more support for Webcasting and streaming media. “I think this is going to be the year for streaming media,” said Leo Spiegel, Sandpiper president and CEO. “Publishers have wanted to use it, but it hasn’t been effective a lot of it is what we call ‘the first mile’ problem–how the publisher takes the content and puts it onto the Internet. We move their content into the public Internet fabric, very close to the consumer.” Version 2.0 serves dynamic content as well as static pages, for e-commerce and personalization services.
Jeff Mayzurk, director of systems and network engineering for Los Angeles-based E! Online (a Sandpiper customer), stresses the importance of performance. “We’re losing not just ad revenue but real dollars if [users] can’t complete a sale.”
–Susan Kuchinskas