IQ News: SeeItFirst to Launch GLIDE Tool

In an effort to give Web content producers the ability to synchronize advertising with streaming video on the Internet, SeeItFirst, a Fremont, Calif.-based provider of interactive products and services, has created the Graphical Linking Independent Dynamic Editor tool.
Available May 1, GLIDE will enable broadcasters with little or no HTML and programming experience to easily create customized text messages, surveys, general information, announcements, promotions, banner ads, hyperlinks and other platforms, according to Craig Lynar, vice president of marketing for SeeItFirst.
“GLIDE is a simple way for any novice to interface with the interactive video and add advertising information on the fly with no programming experience,” said Lynar.
Currently, an advertising spot is recorded on videotape, which is then converted to an AVI digital entity.
After the digital format is encoded, the appropriate message is embedded into the entity and then encoded again based on the media player being utilized on the client’s site.
Finally, the digital video is encoded for up to nine different bit speeds and posted on the appropriate server.
The business-to-business GLIDE tool, which Lynar claims will reduce overhead charges from 30 percent to 40 percent based on increased efficiencies and reduced labor costs, is accessed through standard browser interfaces and is compatible with the Microsoft Windows Media Player, RealNetwork’s RealG2 and Apple Computer’s QuickTime. n