IQ News: Redband Inks Deal with AltaVista

Redband Broadcasting (, a San Francisco-based provider of Net audio content management and distribution services, today signed an exclusive deal to become search portal AltaVista’s talk-radio content provider. Redband’s content will be integrated with AltaVista’s multimedia search functions.
The deal broadens RedBand’s content distribution, and will allow both companies to share in advertising revenue.
AltaVista is also providing a new Audio/MP3 service to Palo Alto Cafe, Music Backstage and Net Living, three Redband audio programs.
As part of the agreement, Redband will provide headline feeds, news and other timely audio content for many of the centers throughout the AltaVista network, and develop a co-branded site for the service.
The year-old spinoff of San Francisco-based online directory LookSmart, Redband produces, aggregates and syndicates exclusive audio programs for the Internet, spanning news, entertainment, lifestyle, money and technology categories. The company launched on May 9, after securing $17 million in first-round funding from Sony Music Entertainment and VantagePoint Venture Partners. LookSmart will retain an equity stake in the company. Redband reps said the company will invest the capital in marketing, talent and partnerships
“Where most media companies and ‘clicks-and-mortars’ are failing is in distribution. They are finding it extremely difficult to get large numbers of users, which is why 95 percent of revenues are still from print,” said Val Landi, CEO of Redband. “Our business is to create the most massive channel possible. What we’ve done is formed major partnerships with Sony, LookSmart and AltaVista for distribution so right out of the box we can offer partners the opportunity to create a program on Redband network and distribute it throughout LookSmart, AltaVista directories and through Sony Web sites.”
Redband claimed its audio programming will be distributed to a combined online and on-air audience of 60 million potential monthly listeners. Distribution online will be accomplished through syndication, viral adoption and the Redband Network, which includes pervasive distribution through Sony Music Entertainment-affiliated Web sites and the LookSmart search and navigation network.
Redband’s lifestyle programming will also be distributed via major partners in on-air radio, Internet satellite services, and Web-enabled wireless devices and mobile phones.
“Redband will launch with proprietary content, massive distribution and a differentiated audience, which are the building blocks of a classic media company,” said Landi. “With Sony Music Entertainment’s vast resources and technology, and LookSmart’s global Internet distribution network, we are a step ahead of the competition.”