IQ News: One Way or Another: Blondie Jonesin’ for Juice, BMG Online’s alternative music site, and Jones Soda Company, have formed a cross-branding promotion that further unites the two entities. It will feature six BMG artists on Jones Soda bottles, as well as Blondie Cream Soda, a renamed version of a popular flavor. The soda’s June release is timed to coincide with the summer tour backing the Blondie reunion album, No Exit.
The new promotion is the latest in the year-and-a-half-old marriage pairing the Web site with Vancouver-based Jones Soda. The company’s brightly-colored sodas are a popular beverage among the extreme sport-loving, alternative music fans that BMG’s attracts.
“It’s anti-corporate for the kids who are sick of having Coca-Cola or Pepsi shoved down their throats,” said Evan Harrison, product manager for BMG Online, New York.
Online the promotion will be evident to users who click on the question “Jonesin’ for new music?” on the BUGjuice site. They will be taken to an interstitial ad that explains the relationship with BUGjuice and links to
The promotion began with an initial run of 100,000 bottles of lemon-lime soda featuring artists such as the Dave Matthews Band. The flavor was renamed BUGjuice in November, and on the next run it will be called The new bottles, due out in late March, will feature bands including The Flys, Sponge, Babe the Blue Ox and Robert Earl Keen; the compilation Swing This, Baby! Volume 2; and the BUGjuice logo.
In addition to the sponsorship, Jones Soda bottles were featured last year as artwork on compilation CDs distributed by BMG. Proceeds from the BUGjuice flavor, described on the bottle as “the fusion of music & pop (soda),” benefit the T.J. Martell Foundation.
Peter van Stolk, CEO and president of Jones, a unit of Urban Juice & Soda, said the brand bonds with its consumers by interacting with them.