IQ News: OgilvyOne Recruitment Effort Embraces the Great Outdoors

A good employee must be hard to find, if New-York based OgilvyOne Worldwide is trying to take them off the streets. The interactive shop launched a highly-unusual recruitment campaign Oct. 5, eschewing headhunters or classifieds in favor of a poster appearing on sidewalk displays, in subway stations and as “wild postings” on construction sites in New York. The agency is also conducting an in-house postcard campaign.
Produced by the creative team of Bruce Lee and Julie Lam and account supervisor Christian Carino, the poster shows a bald African American man, head in hands, and the copy line: “Use it wisely”–referring to his brain. Its only other copy is the instruction, “Resumes to” The in-house postcard effort uses the same visual and the line, “Anyone come to mind?” It promises people who find OgilvyOne employees a bounty of $1,000 for additions to the professional staff and $750 for additions to the administrative staff.
“All the ads were strategically placed, surrounding our competition,” said OgilvyOne spokesperson Mary Fichter. “The point of this is to attract the top talent around the city and across all disciplines.”
Headhunter Bonnie Halper, executive director of New York’s, mused, “Maybe they’re having a hard time finding people because they don’t know where to look.”
The campaign doesn’t exactly have competitors quaking in their Doc Martens, either. Said Jon Schneider, vice president, marketing director in the New York office of Bronner Slosberg Humphrey’s Strategic Interactive Group, “I haven’t noticed them, and I would probably be highly sensitized because I [used to work at] Ogilvy Direct.”
Nevertheless, Fichter said the agency had received 200 resumes in the effort’s first week.