IQ News: Magnet Attracts Curiocity To Kellogg’s Kids Sponsorship

In an effort to reach kids where they play online, Battle Creek, Mich.-based Kellogg Co. has entered into a six-month sponsorship on Curiocity’s FreeZone.
Washington, D.C.-based Magnet Interactive Communications, which handles some of Kellogg’s interactive work, brokered the deal between the cereal maker and the free kids entertainment site. The syndicated Kellogg’s content will appear at as “Kellogg’s Club K”–a playpen of games, trivia contests, surveys and Kellogg’s-sponsored chat sessions. It launches today.
Up to this point, Kellogg’s has concentrated the bulk of its online promotional efforts on banner ads and sponsorships to drive traffic to its Planet K site, located at In this case, Kellogg’s is lending its arcade games and kids-themed content to FreeZone and its more than 200,000 registered members. The sites will get reciprocal links and FreeZone parent company, Thomson Target Media, Chicago, will promote Kellogg’s in its in-school publication, Curiocity.
Kellogg’s primary objective with the program is to leverage the online community phenomenon to build brand loyalty among the pre-teen set, said Chris Wuhrer, director of media planning and online marketing at Magnet. “We could go out and do banners, but that’s not the way to go out and market to kids,” he added.
Instead, the packaged goods company wants to achieve the “soft sell” by bringing Kellogg’s-branded games and Tony Talk, an application akin to America Online’s Buddy List, to the popular online kids community. Wuhrer said Kellogg’s does not get access to data about FreeZone members.