IQ News: LoadTV Ships 2.0 Enhanced CD

Following an extensive beta-test, LoadTV, a Los Angeles-based subscription platform for on-demand video on the Internet, will begin distributing its 2.0 enhanced CD May 1.
The proprietary LoadTV technology allows users to receive free video content via e-mail, while giving advertisers an individually profiled targeted audience, according to Seth Bedell, executive vice president of sales and marketing for LoadTV. Content can be viewed without buffering regardless of Internet connection or modem speed.
The LoadTV platform is also a pay-per-view business model utilizing personal information security software from Santa Clara, Calif.-based InterTrust Technologies Corp.
It allows users to store payment information on their hard drives, and grants content producers a firewall against piracy.
Revenue from any e-commerce activity is automatically distributed to the appropriate parties, according to company officials.
“A user could purchase an advertiser’s product while watching a commercial, or order a home video while watching clips from the movie,” said Edmund Fish, executive vice president and CBO for InterTrust.
Bedell cited ESPN’s Play of the Day TV spot with its ubiquitous car commercial as a typical candidate for LoadTV.
“If this [spot] was shown on [our platform], the 18-to-34-year old [targeted] woman might get the Ford Taurus commercial, and the 18-to-34-year-old [targeted] man might get the Ford Mustang commercial,” said Bedell. “[Each spot] would revolve around the same content.”
Bedell said the ECD format also allows advertisers to polybag previews, premiers and interviews with targeted print publications. n