IQ News: Latitude90

Sets Sail Anew
Los Angeles-based ad rep firm AdNet Strategies has changed its name to Latitude90 and introduced adMonitor, a proprietary ad tracking and serving product which will be made available to other companies.
John Bohan, co-founder and CEO, said that with the Internet becoming more of an established marketing medium, the company’s name could express more of its vision.
“Latitude90 literally means the ends of the earth,”–or the North and South Poles. For the company, Bohan said, it means having both global reach and going to great lengths to service their clients.
Latitude90 is focusing on representing about 20 Web sites rather than creating a large network, such as competitors DoubleClick or 24/7 Media, both New York. Clients include the N2K family of music sites, Zip2 and BigYellow online yellow pages, the 100Hot listing of popular sites, movie site, kids activities site MaMaMedia and Fitness Online.
“We’ve been able to sell the sites more effectively, particularly when it comes to beyond the banner [ads],” Bohan said.
Frank Addante, chief technology officer, added that, using adMonitor, the company is able to “customize the technology specifically for the [client’s] site.”
Also this week, Latitude90 is kicking off a year-long branding campaign that includes ads in trade magazines and a direct mail component that leads visitors to an online game at the Latitude90 site.–Adrienne Mand