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The Good, The Banner and The Ugly
Now that more than a week has elapsed since the advertising showcase known as Super Bowl XXXIV, the verdict from TV and mousepad advertising pundits alike appears to indicate that the many dotcoms that went for broke by shelling out a record average of $2.2 million per 30 seconds of air time may have paid too much. While the proliferation of dotcom advertising on TV during the big game may reflect the national epidemic of dotcomania, traditional Super Bowl sponsors, such as soft drink and beer purveyors, continue to fare better than high-tech companies in terms of consumer recognition and branding.
It’s ironic that while TV ad inventory was overrun with dotcoms during the clash of the Titans and the Rams, most of the banner ads on the official Web site touted products and services from traditional companies.
To assess the potential effectiveness of banners running on last Sunday, Seattle-based AdRelevance (part of New York-based Web measurement firm Media Metrix), in conjunction with NPD Online, Port Washington, N.Y., conducted a study for IQ to find out what a panel of 952 consumers thought about a handful of banner ads. Additionally, AdRelevance recruited a panel of experts from the world of Internet advertising, including Kate Everett-Thorp, president and CEO of Lot21; Scott Heiferman, founder and chief strategist of
i-traffic; Mark Kvamme, founder and chairman of USWeb/CKS; Steven Lynch, vice president and creative director of Digitas; Craig Markus, vice president and group creative director of iDeutsch; and Bob Schmetterer, chairman and CEO of EURO RSCG Worldwide. The expert panel evaluated the banner ads based on such factors as branding ability, potential clickthrough and synergy with offline efforts.
The results? I-traffic’s Heiferman summed up the consensus, saying that many ads failed to leverage the offline component with its online counterpart. “People watched [TV] commercials last Sunday and made a mental note to ‘check out that dotcom’ on Monday. But by Monday they forgot about the TV spot. The online ad could trigger that mental note.”
Will Hodgman, founder and CEO of AdRelevance, agreed with the expert panel’s conclusion. “While television campaigns no doubt generate a lot of awareness for the sponsors, I’m surprised that more of them did not take advantage of the synergistic effects of cross-media advertising.”–Kipp Cheng

Ad Banner Preferences

Most Liked

advertiser Consumer panel
Sony Pictures (The Patriot) 28%
Miller Lite 12%
Real Networks MP3 11%
Visa 11% 7%
RCA 7%
UPS 6%
NFL Visa 6%
WebMD 3%
Real Networks 3%

Least Liked

advertiser Consumer panel
Visa 18%
UPS 15%
NFL Visa 15%
RCA 13%
Real Networks 12% 9%
WebMD 7%
Sony Pictures (The Patriot) 5%
Miller Lite 4%
Real Networks MP3 3%