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In the world of Internet surfing, little else suggests one’s plebeian deficiencies than to stumble across a Web site only to find you can’t view the moving pictures or listen to the cool sounds because [cue dramatic music] you don’t have the right plug-in. It’s not much of a horse race once you get beyond the heavy hitters like and, of course, ICQ, but every veteran surfer knows they all count sooner or later. What was that saying? Tune in, turn on, plug-in?
Top Net Tools Sites, May 1999
SITE Description
1 RealSite Portfolio* multimedia plug-in 9,114
2 real-time chat 5,852
3 Macromedia multimedia plug-in 3,749
4 multimedia plug-in 1,081
5 zip file utility 771
6 download site for plug-ins 719
7 multimedia plug-in 520
8 real-time chat 443
9 multimedia plug-in 375
10 multimedia plug-in 283