IQ News: Plans To Launch Rebranding Effort this week breaks an $8 million print and radio effort to introduce its new positioning to online shoppers. The campaign, its first national effort, features actor Martin Mull and uses the tagline, “You get the point.”
The company expanded its offerings on June 24, changing its name from to to reflect that it is now an umbrella site for,, and The site’s target is the 25- to 54-year-old computer user.
Ads were created by Erwin-Penland,’s Greenville, S.C.-based advertising agency. In print, Mull appears dressed as several characters: a boy scout, a delivery guy and a consummate interior decorator.
Radio spots use down-home fiddle music and have Mull making comments such as, “You know, your home is your castle, and we all know how darn tough it is to decorate a castle, especially the dungeon “
Mull was chosen for his broad appeal. “He’s kind of an eclectic everyman,” said Allen Bosworth, senior vp at Erwin-Penland. While it is a mostly traditional shop, it will craft Mull-themed banners which, along with TV spots, will break at a later date.
Using a star with wide appeal may lure skittish users, said Bosworth. “Sites like will drive people to do more online shopping” by attracting both experienced users and newbies, he said.
Radio breaks today on network affiliates. Print begins July 23 in USA Today, People and Newsweek.