IQ News: Flycast Redefines Online Role

In broadcast, networks may be on the decline, but in the online industry they continue to be all the rage.
The latest piece of evidence is a major marketing campaign that breaks today from the San Francisco-based Flycast Network. Formerly known as an automator for selling online ad space, the company adds the “Network” moniker to its name as of its repositioning. As such, Flycast is putting itself in more direct competition with companies such as New York-based DoubleClick, which reps a network of Web sites.
The headline-based ads, created by Highway One, San Francisco, include the tagline, “Reach, response, results.” The ads are designed to de-emphasize technology and appeal to traditional and interactive ad agencies and electronic commerce buyers who traditionally buy their online marketing directly. They will appear in trade publications, including Adweek.
The entire corporate identity campaign, which also includes a redesigned logo, direct mail effort and a new Web site, was produced by Cook Sherman, San Francisco. The logo features a stylized human face, reinforcing the emphasis on customer service rather than technology. “Flycast’s primary concern was that they were not projecting a single voice to their audiences,” said Ken Cook, creative director at Cook Sherman.
“We were initially positioned as a software company,” said Flycast vice president of marketing Lyn Chitow Oakes. “We focused on the technology behind the Flycast opportunity. Now we’re saying that … we offer a media solution to Internet marketers.” –Susan Kuchinskas