IQ News: EntertainmentStudios Launches

Looking to become the one-stop superstore for entertainment, CF Entertainment, a Los Angeles-based distributor of syndicated TV programming, is expected to launch, a business-to-business and consumer destination, on April 22. will sell tickets, videos, CDs, DVDs, books, art, licensed merchandise, sports memorabilia, and other related products and services, said Byron Allen, chairman and CEO.
As producer of seven independently syndicated TV shows across the country, including Entertainers, The American Athlete and Destination Stardom, Allen, a former stand-up comedian and TV show host, envisions the site as both a consumer destination and e-commerce portal linking TV stations’ Web sites to an alternative revenue source.
“Finally, television broadcasters have a way to start making money on the Internet,” said Allen. “[The site] gives station owners a way to participate in e-commerce without making a substantial investment.”
In addition to commerce opportunities, chat rooms and an auction channel, EntertainmentStudios will offer entertainment news, sports, and other information from Associated Press and Reuters, among other sources.
Unlike traditional business models dependent upon extensive media campaigns to generate traffic and commerce, Allen is using his seven hours of programming each week as a marketing tool to drive viewers to his site.
Not by coincidence, the TV set will be used in altering formats for the other shows.
Allen claims a TV viewership of 100 million per month, but according to a March 28 Nielsen ranking of syndicated programming, three of his shows generated a combined audience of 1.5 million.