IQ News: DoubleClick Releases Software Upgrade

DoubleClick, the New York-based advertising network, today released AdServer 4.0, an upgrade of the firm’s ad managing software.
The new version increases the number of ads that can be served in a given campaign from a maximum of 100 million daily to nearly one billion per day. The software upgrade also makes it easier for advertisers to place orders with DoubleClick by reducing the number of steps involved.
Company reps also claimed the new release is more customizable.
“Customers can integrate AdServer 4.0 with a wide variety of other systems,” said Richard Frankel, director of product management for DoubleClick’s publisher solutions group. “They can also use AdServer solutions for non-Web stuff, such as serving ads into voicemail and kiosks.”
For companies that license the AdServer technology, such as,, the Wall Street Journal and NetZero, the new release is intended to make inventory handling more accurate. “This makes it possible for the person who is processing the order to do a more sophisticated analysis of what is available and hence process the order more quickly,” said Frankel.
Also, with the new integration, employees of companies licensing the technology will only be able to see designated parts of the system when they log on. “Before this, users could access any area at will,” said Frankel. “You don’t necessarily want lower-level people to see certain things, and you also don’t want higher-level people to mess with things they’re not concerned with.”
Though DoubleClick is best known as an ad network, one-third of its income comes from the AdServer software and the company’s DART service technology, according to Cassandra Hatto, director of marketing for DoubleClick’s TechSolutions division. The division encompasses both AdServer 4.0 and DART, which is a software solution for interactive marketing management.
“This is the fastest-growing segment of DoubleClick’s business,” Hatto said. According to Hatto, TechSolutions is used by 28 of the 50 largest Web publishers, including the Wall Street Journal and CNN, in a crowded ad management field with competitors such as Real Media, AdForce and Engage.
The TechSolutions division has 400 employees, 100 of whom are international, Hatto said. She said of AdServer 4.0, “This will be a truly international product. We will localize it into French, Japanese, two written forms of Chinese and German.” n