IQ News: At Deadline

Honda will sponsor “Worp,” a section on college student site where students register for rides. As part of the three-month deal, Honda has reconfigured the Worp page so that a Civic drives through the logo and follows visitors around the site. Creative chores for the effort were handled by Rubin Postaer Interactive, based in Santa Monica, Calif.
Encyclopedia Britannica entered the search and navigation category last week with the launch of a site called the Britannica Internet Guide, The site uses AltaVista technology for Web navigation, in addition to relying on Britannica editors, who select sites within 14 major categories.
Wink Communications is bringing interactive television to Court TV. The two plan to partner in providing Wink’s enhanced broadcasts in markets where Wink Interactive TV is available. Court TV will offer background information about cases, attorneys, defendants and plaintiffs and translate legal terminology.
Poppe Tyson has named Brad Winney as the first president of Neterra, Poppe’s New York-based software spin-off. Winney had most recently been president at Morristown, N.J.-based Imedia, after serving as COO at US Connect.