IQ News: deadline

Street On The Street
Eisnor Interactive, New York, in February will launch a national outdoor, radio and print campaign for financial site, New York. Promotions will also include messages on the screens of mobile phones via the Intelligent Information Incorporated network. Eisnor also will publicize TheStreet in Atlanta-Hartsfield International Airport, with branded suitcases on conveyor belts, as well as stickers, drink coasters and flyers.
Virtual CDs to Serve As Ads
The WorldsAway division of Fujitsu, the San Jose, Calif.-based maker of virtual world communities, this week will unveil a commercial “ad-object” on the Internet. A virtual jukebox, the “ad-object” will dispense CDs from Allegro Music, Portland, Ore., and will exist in WorldsAway’s newest avatar-inhabited community, NewRadio World. CDs in the jukebox play music clips and can link back to Allegro’s Web site.
Greetings, New Affiliates
Be Free, Marlborough, Mass., which makes online affiliate network technology, has been hired by American Greetings Corporation, Cleveland, to build and manage the American Greetings affiliate network program. American Greetings will give a commission of up to 40 percent on initial product and subscription sales purchased through affiliate sites.
Wink Signs Advertisers
Wink Communications, Alameda, Calif., has signed Procter & Gamble, The Clorox Company and Charles Schwab to test their existing commercials using Wink Smart Commercial Technology. Beginning this quarter, Wink E-commercials will allow TV viewers one-click access to e-commerce. The ads are part of the Wink Enhanced Broadcasting system.