IQ News: Comet Cursors Bring WB Characters To Web

Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Tweety Bird and other Looney Tunes characters are being commemorated as cursors via a licensing pact between Warner Bros. Online and Comet Systems.
Comet Cursors will transform cursor arrows into graphic or animated versions of Looney Tunes characters and other Warner Bros. television and movie properties.
The technology launches today on the homepage and is available only to Windows users. It includes a logo that spins if the cursor is over a hyperlink and changes to other images to help navigate the site, highlighting sections covering TV, films and music.
Cursorized show sites include Friends, ER, Felicity, Charmed and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Cursors will grace promotional sites for summer films Wild Wild West and Deep Blue Sea, and other movies. Sylvester, Fred Flintstone and others also will be live within the cursor space on the homepage, kids section and studio store.
Comet Cursors will also appear on the Warner Bros. online store over sales and special offers and highlight games promoting music and shows. Cursors will be updated seasonally for different holidays.
The deal is the biggest so far for Comet, which works with sites like AT&T WorldNet, Comedy Central and Garfield. “We’re starting to get the attention of the top sites,” said Ben Austin, director of marketing for New York-based Comet Systems.
While the cursors help with branding, the product can also be an enhancement to banners and other advertising.
Warner Bros. Online will use the technology in several of these capacities, according to Jim Moloshok, president of the Burbank, Calif.-based company. “When we’re creating an environment, [we’re creating] a mood, but with a standard black arrow,” he said. “Now, we can make it a much more complete experience.”
Cursors on the Warner Bros. site will be made available to advertisers as enhanced ad banners and ad unit micro-sites, which will include entertainment content using the cursor to learn more about clients’ products and to create promotions. Moloshok said Comet Cursors also will encourage users to click on advertiser buttons on the sites.