IQ News: Capitol Records Unveils E-mail Effort with GoMo

GoMo Corp., an enhanced e-mail provider, today announced a partnership with Capitol Records New Media along with the launch of an e-mail campaign promoting one of Hollywood, Calif.-based Capitol’s bands.
San Francisco-based GoMo provides tools for users to create e-mail messages incorporating audio, video and graphic elements. The company has developed a customized version of the tools to promote white boy hip-hop band Kottonmouth Kings’ latest recording, “High Society.” The album will be released June 27.
Subscribers to the Kottonmouth e-mail list will receive a series of e-mail messages announcing the release. Each message will contain one exclusive full-length track from the CD, photos and videos of the band, background textures, sound loops and streaming audio. The subscribers can customize the message, arranging the elements as they please, and forward it to friends.
“Our model is based on viral marketing,” said Spencer Wicks, vice president of licensing and sales for GoMo. “The fans will be jazzed about the opportunity to tell their friends about the band’s latest recording. We just give them the tools and let them go for it.”
When a friend receives the e-mail, he or she can rearrange the design and forward the message to other friends.
GoMo will track the fans’ responses to each piece of content contained in the bands’ GoMo Mail, reporting on the effectiveness of the promotion to Capitol. According to Wicks, this can be done without invading users’ privacy. “Every time a user interacts with a bit of content, it is pulled down from the server, and this can be anonymously recorded and tallied,” said Wicks.
Although users can rearrange the various audio and visual elements to their hearts’ content, they cannot deface or download logos or branding, Wicks said.
Capitol says it is pleased with the promotion. “We built up a huge following for Kottonmouth on the Net for the last album, sending videos and audio clips to hundreds of sites, radio stations’ Web sites, underground sites, skateboard sites, surfing sites,” said Robin Bechtel, head of new media for Capitol Records. “We wanted to take advantage of it with this campaign.”