IQ News: Asylum Wins iSyndicate Branding Assignment

Internet content marketplace iSyndicate tapped agency Asylum to launch its first branding effort, backed by $5 million. The two San Francisco companies say they have a lot in common: Asylum positions itself as a “content creation company” rather than just an agency and iSyndicate aggregates content from Web publishers and licenses it to other sites.
Launched in 1997, iSyndicate boasts 80,000 customers. Its content providers include CNet,, Reuters and, while GeoCities, Xoom and SureTrade are among its licensors. Available content includes streaming video and audio, graphics and photography, as well as text.
“The ad campaign will focus on two segments,” said Jeff Thomas, leader of iSyndicate’s marketing team. “Those who want to get content and those who want to give it.”
According to Asylum principal Tim Breitbach, the shop has been trying to brand itself a “content creator” for four years as a means of competing in the advertising category. Having landed a client that not only understands their business but may one day distribute Asylum’s content is, said Breitbach, “a match made in heaven I think it’s because our passions are so aligned that it was a perfect fit.”
Asylum will consult on the brand identity, look and organization of the iSyndicate Web site, advertising and media. The campaign is expected to integrate offline and online efforts. Breitbach said the message will focus on empowerment.