IPG Rocks the Vote

With the Interpublic Group’s reputation on life support, holding-company and agency staffers flooded the ER last week to stabilize the patient. It didn’t take them long to mobilize in response to Adweek’s online poll, which asked readers to gauge John Dooner’s ability to right the IPG ship. Voters early in the week were squarely pessimistic, roughly 3 to 1 against Dooner, but then a curious message began to circulate through IPG’s labyrinthine nervous system of e-mail servers. Featuring the subject line “vote for IPG positiveness” (whatever that could mean), the mystery e-mail read:

Hey Guys,

OK, so [positiveness is] not really a word, but what the heck.

For IPG’s better standing in the world’s view, check out the Opinion Poll and vote YES, that Dooner *will be* able to turn the stock price around.


(boy was that a horrible sentence)

But that horrible sentence was effective. The “Yes” vote quickly spiked, and Dooner earned a narrow endorsement overall from readers by press time Thursday (see page 10 for the exact figures).

The identity of the grammatically concerned, unscientific-poll spoiler couldn’t be determined. But once thing’s for sure: The Democrats could have used him or her on Election Day.