Inside Out Crafts ‘Honest Values’ for Maine Outlet

BOSTON Inside Out Communica-
tions has fashioned a pro-bono print campaign for Woods to Goods, a retail outlet in York, Maine, that carries furniture, toys, clothing and other items crafted by prison inmates.

“After visiting Woods to Goods this past fall and meeting the owners, I offered to help them with their marketing,” said Dean Swartz, vice president of the 10-person independent agency in Holliston, Mass.

The monochrome executions show chairs and benches and other pieces and feature headlines such as “For every person who sits in this chair, someone stands a little taller,” and “For you, an honest value. For them, an honest day.” The tagline is “A great opportunity—for more reasons than one.”

Ads target day and weekend travelers from towns north of Boston “who want something that makes them feel good and appreciate original, handmade furniture and crafts,” Swartz said. The ads will appear in Maine vacation publications and possibly as train posters on Amtrak lines in the spring.

Matt Lynch and Alicia Laguarda handled art direction and copy, respectively.