Innovation Replaces Dependability for Maytag

Long touted as the maker of dependable products, Maytag now wants to extend its image to that of an innovator.
“Maytag has historically been known as dependable,” said Cathy Rhomberg, vice president and account director at Maytag’s agency, Leo Burnett. “We’re taking it more toward innovation in making life easier.”
The Newton, Iowa, company is shifting its focus because dependability has become a less-distinctive quality in the category, Rhomberg said. “When you look at repair rates, there are a lot of good appliances out there. It wasn’t as meaningful as a benefit anymore.”
Ads from Burnett, with print breaking in May magazines, will feature the company’s Web site address against a two-hued blue background, Rhomberg said.
“We wanted to have a new feel,” he said. Accordingly, the famous Maytag repairman will have a reduced role in future advertising.
The fresh positioning begins with a campaign for Maytag’s ClimateZone technology. The campaign features the dual-blue background and outrageous Web addresses to promote the ClimateZone’s purported ability to keep food fresher longer.
One execution shows a strawberry with the headline, “” Another features the repairman with a head of lettuce and the headline, “” The comical URLs, will link to
Maytag Corp. spent $34 million on its Maytag subsidiary last year, according to Competitive Media Reporting. Billings for the
ClimateZone campaign were not disclosed. K