As one of the new kids in the dog-eat-dog, models-eat-nothing fashion world, Mexican clothing designer Enrique Martinez needed to do something bold for his fall/winter 2000 print campaign.
So the 18-month-old company–which recently opened a boutique in New York–hired two exotic beauties, dressed them in sexy outfits, marched them down to the Brooklyn docks and took their pictures in the hull of a massive freighter.
“We wanted to juxtapose two beautiful women with the sharp-edged reality of an industrial environment,” said Barbara Dente, creative director at Dente & Cristina, New York, which specializes in beauty and fashion work. “The look is [like a scene from the film] Metropolis, and the feeling is film noir.”
The ads for Martinez’s women’s apparel collection break in the August issues of top fashion and lifestyle publications, such as Vogue, Elle, Allure and Vanity Fair. The $1 million campaign (consisting of 12 images lensed by photographer Steven Klein) will run through October.
–Mark Lan