Importing AIDS Awareness

Think the AIDS scourge is a thing of the past? Think again. “It ain’t over” is the teaser line of a public service campaign recently unveiled by Boston Mayor Tom Menino, who allotted $100,000 to support the citywide effort.
Menino last year increased the public health allowance by $250,000 to help fund the campaign, which is running through March and includes billboards and subway station posters.
On Jan. 1, “AIDS” will be added to the beginning of the teaser line, and the toll-free number for the Boston AIDS Action Committee will be given.
“There’s been this impression that either the epidemic is over or its very treatable, and that’s a very dangerous conclusion to come to,” said Gary Sandison, Mayor Menino’s AIDS policy advisor. “The mayor decided it was important we put out a very strong message that we still need to abide by the precautions.”
The committee contracted Better World Advertising in San Francisco to create the ads, which primarily target young people.
One poster shows three young girls. “I like him,” says one, “but when he wanted to go all the way, I said, ‘Hello! I may be young, but I’m not stupid.’ “
–Sarah Jones