Images USA Issues Call for Minority Cops

ATLANTA Images USA is running its first work for the New Jersey State Police, an account it won without a review last year to help the organization recruit more minority members, the shop said.

The effort includes radio endorsements from on-air personalities at top urban, jazz and adult contemporary stations in New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania, profiles of minority troopers in regional publications, and town hall meetings with troopers who answer questions about the job.

“We knew that a traditional advertising remedy was not the solution for overcoming negative stereotypes and attracting qualified minority candidates,” said Kevin Williams, executive vice president of strategic marketing and business development at the independent Atlanta shop.

The campaign is designed to recruit new members for the fall class at the state police training academy and will continue through the end of April. The effort will run again in the fall to recruit members for the spring 2006 training session.

Campaign spending is undisclosed.