I’ll have whatever she’s having

The Kaplan Thaler Group has toned down the fake orgasms of its Clairol Herbal Essences shampoo commercials for its new line of skin care products, but the enthusiastic “Yes! Yes! Yes!” theme remains.
In a 15-second TV spot (shown here) breaking May 15, dewy-skinned women wash, tone and moisturize as an operatic jingle rises to its affirmative crescendo. The tagline: “A totally organic experience.
For your face.”
A print ad uses a similar image with the copy: “The most exciting thing to happen to your face since your first kiss.”
“These are not about sex but exhilaration,” agency president Linda Kaplan Thaler said. “Women need a release from stress in their lives.”
Of the controversy over the long-running campaign–the work has received a thumbs down from the Advertising Women of New York–Kaplan Thaler said, “You have to be very intrusive when you don’t have huge budgets.” The new campaign is backed by $9 million. –Emily Fromm